Congratulations to our client, Magdalena, on becoming a U.S. citizen! As the victim of a qualifying crime, Magdalena received a U visa over a decade ago with the help of Legal Aid Society of Hawai’i attorneys. After three years in U nonimmigrant status, she became eligible to apply for and eventually received a green card (lawful permanent residence). After five years as a green card holder, Magdalena became eligible to apply for naturalization.  RILC Law Fellow Ethan Higa assisted her with her application. Today, she passed her interview and became a citizen! Even sweeter, her child, who is under 18 and also a green card holder, automatically became a citizen as well when Magdalena naturalized.

Many thanks to Magdalena for giving us permission to share her journey. Becoming a citizen is never easy. It often takes a very long time and, sometimes, a small village of dedicated immigration attorneys and paralegals. We’re thrilled for Magdalena and glad that we got to play a small part in her citizenship story!

Ethan and Magdalena

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